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this is multi fandom blog.so follow if u dare my name is porscha .i live in the UK. warning some posts maybe be triggering `& some post maybe porn 18+ STAY STRONG <3

“Your feelings are valid simply because you feel them.”

something lovely my therapist said  (via sexual-feelings)

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How I feel when psych ward drugs me up;


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Self harm pictures are so trigger, why do it?


I couldn’t agree more its so selfish

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“I don’t want any more of this try, try again stuff. I just want out. I’ve had it. I am so tired. I am twenty and I am already exhausted.”

Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation (via quotes-shape-us)

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  • Example of glorifying mental illness: making it out to be something it's not. That it's a statement to be "cool."
  • Example of not glorifying mental illness: talking about your experience with mental illness.

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