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my role at family functions is to look the best and to drink the wine

The Neon Lights Tour; color palettes {insp}

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"Whatever’s broke, I can make it unbroken.”

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All Too Well (Grammy Awards 2014)

All that I will say about my new video, that I’m about to shoot, the ‘Sirens’, is that, it’s almost like you need to take a quick look on my previous videos and understand that that’s the last of that ‘bubble gum princess’ that you’re ever gonna see. This is a whole different me. And I’m now not afraid. I’m not afraid at all. And it feels good, and I think it’s definitely gonna show on the video. 

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I’m tired
of being tired
of being tired
of being.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Vol. 2   (via dispnea)

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